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Pet Crematorium

Losing a pet is a distressing time. We at Craigycor understand how owners feel, we are animal lovers ourselves.

We are a family run independent concern so you can be assured of a personal approach at all times. We deal with the cremation of pets with the utmost care and consideration and offer genuine individual cremations.

Some people like to bring their pets to us, for the reassurance of being here in person (please call first to arrange an appointment). For others we can collect your loved one from either your vetís premises or your home. When we receive your pet for cremation we will endeavour to carry out individual cremations immediately (depending on arrival time) and return to you within two working days.

All pets are handled with dignity and respect at all times, for individual cremations, your pet will be cremated on its own.

If you would like to talk, please do not hesitate to call us or email us or if you prefer, you can ask your vet to contact us direct.


For individual cremations we offer a range of caskets and scatter boxes.

If you do not attach any significance to the body after death we offer communal cremations. Your pet will be cremated with others and no ashes are returned to you.


Small Pets (Cats, Rabbits, Yorkshire Terries, etc) £50.00 €75.00
Medium Pets (Springer Spaniels, Kerry Blue, etc) £65.00 €97.00
Large Pets (German Shepherd, Collie , Labrador, etc) £75.00 €112.00
Extra Large Pets (Rottweiller & Great Dane, etc) £100.00 €150.00
Caskets £25.00 - £35.00€35.00 - €49.00
Collection per mile£0.45€0.63